"Lodge 10"" Steel Skillet with Handle Holder, CRS10HH61"

Description Lodge continues the tradition of quality products with seasoned steel skillets and griddles. Made out of 100 percent carbon steel, these skillets and griddles hang tough in professional kitchens as well as the campsite. Just like the iron, we season them right at the foundry, so they're ready to go! Whether you're frying up a couple of eggs or perfecting a pan sauce, the 10-inch seasoned steel skillet with silicone handle holder is a valuable piece in any kitchen. This skillet works with induction, ceramic glass, electric and gas cooktops; in your oven, on the grill or even over the campfire. Takes high heat for best browning/searing. Use on all heat sources except microwave ovens. Foundry-seasoned surface for easy release. Made with 12-gauge carbon steel. It is economical and durable. Makes a great gift Model# CRSGR11 Care instructions: Hand wash the skillet (add a little soap if you prefer), Dry, and then Rub with cooking oil.
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Size "10\""10"" Skillet with Handle Holder"
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