MyoNatural Cream 3oz Bottle

Description About MyoNatural Pain Relief & Fitness Cream: You may have noticed our high profile fitness endorsements. Professional athletes got a 2 year preview of MyoNatural before it was released to the public. In fact, LaDainian Tomlinson used it throughout the 2006 season, when he set a new running back touchdown record and received the coveted NFL MVP award. Now that's fitness performance. He also went through the season without any ibuprophen or cortisone shots. Our athlete endorsements come from extended use. And the great thing is that it works as well for arthritis pain as sports injury pain. MyoNatural is a pain relief cream created by health professionals and recommended by doctors and athletes for all those who refuse to let sore muscles, arthritis, or backache get in the way of living. MyoNatural provides relief & improved fitness performance through all-natural, toxin-free ingredients such as CFAs (cetyl myristoleate), Bryonia Alba, Rhus Toxicodendrin, Safflower Oil and deodorized
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