WMF Americas Perfect Plus Pressure Cooker

Description WMF has been making high-quality kitchenware in Geislingen Germany since 1853, and the Perfect Plus 4-1/2-quart pressure cooker has years of design and development behind it. Pressure cooking allows cooking times to be reduced by up to 70% while retaining more vitamins and minerals than other cooking methods. The Perfect Plus cooker is made from WMF's exclusive heavyweight Cromargan steel, with a stay-cool plastic handle that detaches for easy cleaning. A heavy-duty rubber sealing ring allows rapid, safe pressure buildup, while advanced safety features allow any home chef to cook with confidence. A clear pressure gauge makes adjustment easy, and when the food is cooked the pressure can be released quickly and safely. Simple to use, this is the ideal unit for those who might have been traumatized by the hissing, rattling pressure cookers of years gone by.Package Quantity : 1
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Brand WMF Americas
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