Im Not Crazy

Description Geoff Westen;s single-mindedness, focus, hard work and skill - not to mention cynicism and obsession - has all come together in one appealing package called I;m Not Crazy - his third power pop rock album on the Disturbing Music label. Traversing the territory between Cheap Trick and The Killers, I;m Not Crazy is perhaps less Power Pop but undoubtedly still mindful of his ;80s sensibility. The album;s 10 songs (plus 2 alternative mixes) take you from the looniness of the techno-singed single, ;I;m Not Crazy,; the balladic depths of ;Love Has Let You Down; to the playful ;Xciting Eyes.; And by the time you;ve been inundated with ;Work Work; you;re really going to need a rockin; ;Vacation.; Geoff is a well-kept secret - single-minded and skillful. His decades of music experience, gigging in the Haight, grinding cross-country tours, to the effete and rarified world of the London music scene, and what feels like eons in the studio, are all reflected here. But Geoff is probably a little less Pop, a bit more Punk and a lot more commercial than he thinks. Westen;s first two pop albums anointed him a Power Pop artist supreme. The Pigs-OINK! Showcased his dark humor and sarcasm amid his distinctive Neo Wave sound. It was released to stellar reviews, was listed by Hybrid Magazine as one their quot;Up and Coming Favorites,quot; and was named one of the ;Top 25 Indie CDsquot; by Indie-Music.com. His follow-up Vidiots - Tune In!! confirmed him as a Neo-Wave specialist. His instinctive ;80s feel and traditional songwriting chops delivered catchy melodies and memorable hooks...shifting his Power Pop chops ever closer to Power Punk. His recordings under the Digital Activity pseudonym explore an entirely different landscape - instrumental music which is a unique hybrid of Rock and Ambient gone wild which he calls RAM - Rock Ambient Music. His forays into RAM began with Birth, then jumped to his traditional holiday homage Xmas Vol. 1, to his most recent, Activate which explored the am
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