Progressing nicely.

Posted March, 2011

Wow, we've gotten quite a bit of work done this week! The database import is coming along nicely, we're at 10% at the moment, so it looks like it's going to take about 7 weeks instead of the previously estimated 4. We've also added new pages to the site, including a FAQ, a barcode facts section, and a check digit calculator.

We're still working on user account creation and the possibility of a leader board!

Also, thank's to the user who gave us our first stumble!

-the admin


Some Database enhancements.

Posted March 21st, 2011

Here's just a short update on what's been going on. The user account creation interface has been put on the back burner for now. We have just received a large text file containing many many many UPC product codes which we are working on importing into the database as I type. We expect the import to take just under a month. (It's quite large)

On a site note, remember that you can check the changelog for all the small updates that go on. For example, in this past week, we've optimized a bunch of scripts (thus making the site faster), and SIGNIFICANTLY improved the way that UPC lookups are handled, and any errors that come up while searching for a UPC code actually make sense and are much more user-friendly.

Stay tuned!
-the admin


A few more improvements.

Posted March 13th by admin.

We have just completed a small side project, site statistics. You can now look at a history graph of the total amount of codes and the amount of codes entered each week for the past 28 weeks. Because the graph is new, the data does not go back this far, but it will automatically update itself every time cron is run. (See the footer of the site for the next run time.)

This week we will be working on the user account creation script and database.

-the admin


Major improvement to code search.

Posted March 8th, 2011

We have just made a major improvement, to they way you search for codes. Instead of filling in the entire UPC code, you can now just enter part of the code. We will automatically search our database for the best match. If you are too vague, however, we will just return the first result we find. Try searching for '12', for example.

Thanks for your support! Keep the ideas rolling!

What do you think should be our next project? Twitter feed? Better API Support? Mobile version? You name it! Just e-mail us and let us know what you think!

-the admin


Some new upgrades to the site.

Posted March 7th, 2011

We have made some upgrades to the back-end of the site. Here are some of the changes we've made:

  • If you enter a UPC code that starts with one or more 0's, it will ignore them when searching the database. This has been a big issue in the past and we're happy its finally solved.
  • You may now enter spaces as part of the UPC code. Before, you could only enter a string of numbers as a space in the search field would cause an error to be displayed.
  • We have created a simple monitoring system to keep track of potentially bogus UPC codes. This system will inform us of any codes that need to be checked manually.
  • We also revising the way the information is displayed. We are making the interface cleaner, and now if there is a photo IN the database, it will not display random ones anymore.

Thanks for your support! Keep the ideas rolling!

-the admin