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Farberware 14 Lbs. Extra Large Capacity Deep Fryer

Description Enjoy delicious, crispy fried treats from the comfort and convenience of your home with the Farberware Extra Large Capacity Deep Fryer. Fry up favorites like French fries, fritters, onion rings and more with this extra-large deep fryer. This kitchen workhorse not only fries up your favorite foods, it can steam or boil a variety of recipes for even more mouthwatering results. Equipped with user-friendly controls with a built-in dial that controls the cooking temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, this multifunctional fryer features sleek, stainless steel construction that looks great in any kitchen. This electric fryer features an extra-large basket liner that holds up to 14 lbs. of food so you can easily prepare a meal for the entire family. The attached handle and a detachable hook lets you lift the fry basket out of the fryer quickly and safely. A viewing window at the top of the lid lets you monitor your food so it is perfectly cooked each time. The hinged lid prevents splatter and makes cleanup hassle-free while a detachable easy-drain valve reduces oil spills. Get full-size frying performance and prepare your favorite foods right on your countertop with the Farberware Extra Large Capacity Deep Fryer.
Category Home/Appliances/Kitchen Appliances/Fryers/Deep Fryers
Brand Farberware
Manufacturer Farberware
MSRP $69.00
Ratings 10 up / 4 down
msrp 69.00
color SilverBlack, S/S
gender Unisex