Site Statistics

This page contains statistical information on the database. Data collection started in March 2011.

The "General Stats" and the graphs below are updated once a day. The "Codes Added" statistics are updated every 30 minutes.

The graphs are powered by RGraph.



General Stats

Number of codes: 1,909,859
Database size: 697 MiB
Verified: 1,335
Pending Review: 5,669
Pending Deletion: 912
Unknown: 2,495,633
Codes with images: 0 0%
Registered users: 7,793
Two million codes in: 146 months, 9 days



Codes added in the past

Month: 759
Week: 234
Day: 31
Hour: 0



Total Codes

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Daily Lookups

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Number of Registered Users

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API Requests

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Server Load

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